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Red Sox Introduce Adrian Gonzalez

This is Adrian Gonzalez wearing a Red Sox uniform. Thank you, universe.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
This is Adrian Gonzalez wearing a Red Sox uniform. Thank you, universe. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Red Sox held a press conference today to introduce their newest player: star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from San Diego.

It was all about good feelings a day after the Red Sox and Gonzalez had nearly parted ways with the trade left dead due to contract disagreements. While Theo Epstein said they hadn't signed a contract extension, he emphasized the trust that had built between the two parties. Saying they went through with the deal as an act of "good faith", he characterized the current situation as both sides having "an understanding" of what it would take "when the time is right."

For what it's worth, just about every baseball reporter in America seem to agree that a contract is in place for around seven years and $160 million.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, was all smiles putting on his new Red Sox jersey (numberless until he talks to Mike Cameron about #23, presumably).

Calling this the fulfillment of his second dream, Gonzalez attributed his affection for the Red Sox to fellow left-handed hitter and San Diego native Ted Williams. The slugger shrugged off the idea that the increased pressure from the Boston fanbase and media could be an issue, saying "It only makes me more excited, makes me want to get better every day."

The Red Sox may partially have Dave Roberts to thank for Gonzalez' eagerness. Calling the former Padre a "dear friend", Gonzalez said that the author of The Steal had nothing but good things to say about Boston and its fans.

As for what he's looking forward to? He's "ready to beat the Yanks" and can't wait for that first fly ball out in Petco to turn into two bases, or possibly more.

Neither can we.

(Small update, as Pete Abe says Mike Cameron will exchange the number 23 for a small donation, and will take the #44 vacated by Jason Bay "for a little donation")