Final OTM Awards!

After about a week of voting, we know have your final results for the OTM Awards. First, the OTM Fan Favorite. With a total of 56 votes. In third place, Ben Buchanan! In second place, LesterJohn! And the winner of the OTM Fan Favorite is PeskyFan!

Now, the Funniest Poster. There were a total of 46 votes. In Third Place, Bloggy! In second, SoxAccum! And OTM's funniest poster is Gizmosandy!

Now, the community's best FanPoster. The award got a total of 48 votes. In third place, BobZupcic! In second place, Rouge Nine! And the winner is TheLoneDavid!

Now our friends the MFY. In third place after a grand total of 32 votes is Brandon C! In second, Jeterian 2! And the best of the MFY fans on Over The Monster, Cassanova Wong!

Now, our Rookie of the Year! In third place, Superdaveyboy! In second, Raj Ghetia! And the winner of rookie of the year is Marisa!

Now, the all important MVP! In third place....radiohix! In second... Ben Buchanan! And our MVP award winner... drum-roll.... Gizmosandy!

For those of you who did not win anything, don't worry, you are still important! Just not... as important :P.

Feel free to make an acceptance speech in the comments.