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Red Sox Close To Signing Lenny DiNardo

If that was a name you never thought you'd hear again, you are not alone.

According to Chad Bradford, the Red Sox are close to signing former Red Sox Rule 5 pick Lenny DiNardo, pending an MRI.

DiNardo, acquired by the Sox in 2004's Rule 5 draft, has 257 unimpressive big league innings under his belt. While he was a promising prospect coming through the minors, and had 42 productive innings for the Red Sox between 2004 and 2005, the 31-year-old southpaw's career has been plagued by injury, leading to significant control issues. Over his last four seasons (he missed 2010), DiNardo has walked more batters than he's struck out.

Consider this the Red Sox' response to the Mark Prior acquisition by the Yankees. A depth move, and nothing more.