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Matt Guerrier Headed To Dodgers As Red Sox' Bullpen Options Thin

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Relief pitcher Matt Guerrier, long-tied to the Red Sox and seemingly the focus of their efforts, now appears to be headed to the Dodgers. Newsday had the story first.

While the Red Sox have been hugely successful making the big move so far this offseason, they are having a bit of trouble with the smaller ones. They've struck out on every good relief pitcher so far, along with catcher Russell Martin who went to the Yankees yesterday. As it stands, the Red Sox' bullpen is actually weaker today than at the end of the 2010 season.

That being said, Matt Guerrier isn't the biggest loss in the world. While the Sox were apparently focused on him, and his ERA was nice and low, his peripherals told an entirely unimpressive story.

Options remain on the market, but the Sox have to get moving.