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The Curious Case Of Carl Crawford's Bookstore

A few days back, Will McDonald posted a story over at Royals Review about Carl Crawford's plans to "pursue his decades-long dream of running an antiquarian bookstore."

In case you cannot tell, this is a joke. Or it was. We're not really sure right now.

You see, this joke seems to have taken on a hilarious and perhaps frightening life of its own. First, the "news" spread to the bibliophiles (real or fake), who hit up Twitter with lots of chatter regarding Crawford's supposed ambitions. Now, having an internet practical joke fool a few people here or there is nothing new.

But then this happened:



Yes, that is Carl Crawford's official Twitter account. So what's the story here? Is Will McDonald's prescient post a matter of coincidence, insider information, or supernatural powers?

Or maybe Crawford's just got a sense of humor. You may remember an ESPN piece we linked to a few days ago, comparing interviews with Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury. When asked what the last book he read was, Crawford responded:

I haven't read a book in forever.

Not exactly the response of a future antiquarian book store owner.