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Felipe Lopez Declines Arbitration, Red Sox In Line For Another Pick

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While the Red Sox would likely have been alright with having Felipe Lopez act as a cheap backup infielder, the news from Rob Bradford that the Type-B free agent has declined arbitration has to be welcome. With Lopez having declined arbitration, the Red Sox will receive a supplemental draft pick sandwiched between the first and second rounds when he signs with another team.

Lopez was acquired towards the end of the 2010 season, likely for this express purpose. As a Type-B free agent, Lopez doesn't project to lose any market value due to the need for pick compensation. Since he wasn't likely to receive much playing time with Jed Lowrie, Marco Scutaro, and Dustin Pedroia already on the roster,  the only incentive for Lopez to stay with the Red Sox would be his desire to stick with a winning team.

The Red Sox already have two first round and one supplemental round draft pick due to compensation from Victor Martinez' signing with the Tigers. If the Red Sox sign a Type-A free agent like Jayson Werth, they will have to give up their own first round pick.