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Adrian Beltre Declines Player Option; Red Sox Nation Is Shocked

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Adrian Beltre has declined his $10 million player option according to Rob Bradford, an entirely unexpected move that has sent Red Sox nation into absolute turmoil.

Alright, so maybe not. If you didn't see this coming since July, then you must have missed a lot of games. After hitting .321/.365/.553 for the Red Sox this past season, Beltre can make a lot more money and get a lot more years in free agency.

The question now becomes whether or not the Sox can bring him back in free agency. Between high demands, Scott Boras, and a desire to move closer to his family out west, Beltre is going to be a tough get for Theo. The fact that he has only once before reached this level of production in his 13-year career could raise enough red flags for enough teams to keep the price within range. But with the third baseman going on 32, Beltre might not even be the most comfortable of acquisitions for a front office that has been burned by aging players before.