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Adalberto Ibarra Undergoes Labrum Surgery

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Alex Speier is reporting that Adalberto Ibarra, the Cuban catching prospect acquired by the Red Sox in July, has undergone surgery to fix the injured labrum in his right shoulder. While the surgery wasn't absolutely necessary, the Sox chose to go through with it rather than have the problem possibly plague Ibarra throughout the 2011 season.

This is the injury that likely cost Ibarra over $3 million on his signing bonus after a failed physical, as the Sox dropped their offer from $4.3 million to about $750,000.

Ibarra only played in a few games for the Salem Red Sox, and while he didn't show much power at all (possibly due to the injured shoulder), he did manage to post a .400 OBP thanks to 11 walks in just over 50 at bats.