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Happy Turkey Day!

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So, it's that day of the year that we celebrate (okay, we celebrate if we live in the US) with family, food, and football (okay, perhaps not necessarily in that order!).

Your fiends friends here at Over the Monster will be partying working hard all weekend long (that USG guy is the biggest. slavedriver. EVER.), chained at our computers intently watching all of the major news sources to keep you informed on the latest Minka Kelly updates developments in the evolving Hot Stove market.

Have fun, enjoy the holiday responsibly, and visit often. And, oh yeah, can you please bring some leftovers? Radiohix and E. coli are starting to look a little peckish. . . .  (Okay, so it may be a little hard to tell with E. coli, being a bacterium and all. But give us a break, we're hungry!)