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Red Sox Add Infielder Drew Sutton. Is He This Year's Bill Hall?

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The Red Sox made another small move Monday, adding infielder (and occasional outfielder) Drew Sutton from the Indians off of waivers correction: Sutton was outrighted and signed as a minor league free agent. The move was first reported by Matt Eddy of Baseball America.

Sutton, 27, has spent most of his career in the minor leagues, bouncing around the field a lot like Bill Hall. And ultimately that seems like the only role Sutton can have on the team, and then likely only if the Red Sox deal away Marco Scutaro. He's been primarily an infielder, so like Hall, Sox fans might expect to be less-than-enthusiastic about him playing elsewhere come the regular season.

If Sutton ever does get any significant time with the team, however, the Red Sox can hope for a breakout from the jack-of-all-trades. It's unlikely at 27-years-old, but Sutton has only had 118 major league plate appearances despite consistently performing in the minors. He's always managed a strong OBP, getting it as high as .408 in 2008. And while his pop hasn't exactly been incredible, he's a solid doubles hitter and actually managed 20 homers once. He's had trouble in the majors, though, with a huge strikeout rate.

I guess if the Sox are going to be using a roster spot on a Bill Hall type "versatile" player, he may as well be someone who can possibly end up with some significant value. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.