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That's A Season

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The 2010 Red Sox have played 162 games, and are done for the year.

It will go down as a season of "what-ifs" to be certain. With guys like Pedroia and Youkilis in the lineup all year, with Beckett never injured, with our defense never crippled, who knows how good this team could have been? We were injured right out of the gate with Jed Lowrie (who will finish the season as one of the best hitting middle infielders in the league, qualifying numbers be damned), and it just kept getting worse.

Oh well, we've done this before. There's always next year, right? And as painful as 2010 often was, it had its positives to. The walk-offs, the grand slams, the rookies, the return of Big Papi, Beltre's amazing season, Buchholz and Lester contending for Cy Young throughout, and at least one truly ridiculous pitch from Daniel Bard.

Thanks for being with us here at Over the Monster for 2010, and stick around for the offseason. There'll be plenty of news to cover, I'm sure.