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Introducing One Writer, Looking For More

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First thing's first: I'd like to introduce you all to our newest writer, Jared Stegall.

Jared runs MLB Daily Dish for SB Nation, keeping tabs on all the trades, transactions, and rumors that make for a much-needed baseball fix over the long offseason, not to mention making things that much more exciting during the regular season. As you might expect, then, Jared's going to be our resident rumor guy, reminding us all that, no, the Adrian Gonzalez thing just won't die.

Welcome aboard, Jared!

But Jared is just one man, and we're looking for more help around here.

To all our great fanpost authors, long-comment writers, or just anyone who has something they could bring to the table, we want you(!) to help make Over The Monster the best possible site.

If you want to start writing for Over The Monster, send me an e-mail at BENLBUCHANAN at GMAIL dot COM (or just click the little mail icon next to my name at the very bottom of the page). If you've got a writing sample (and this can even be a fanpost), please send that along with your OTM username.

We are especially looking for someone who would be willing to do a daily links post for OTM. We've had some past attempts to give you an idea of what we're looking for. SB Nation has a great tool which makes putting links into posts together very simple, so it's not at all labor intensive either.

These are not paid positions, but you do get access to the front page, as well as the Over The Monster salad bar*. So if you've got the time, the will, and of course, a healthy love for and knowledge about the Red Sox, drop me a line.

*There is no Over The Monster salad bar. No salad or fixings will be provided to any new writer.