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John Farrell Will Manage Blue Jays, Red Sox Confirm

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Red Sox owner John Henry has confirmed that John Farrell will be going to Toronto to manage the Blue Jays in an e-mail to the Boston Globe.

"The Jays are getting a great baseball man and a great person,’’ Henry wrote in an e-mail to the Globe. "We were able to keep John as a part of our organization longer than a couple of other teams would have wanted, but it really is time for John to step up to the next level.

"He will be an effective, excellent manager. I expect him to manage in MLB for as long as he wants to. He’s going to an excellent young team with a strong and smart hierarchy. The Blue Jays are going to be a force in the AL East for some time to come. I am grateful for the years John Farrell gave to the Red Sox. He will be missed.’’

It's pretty much been a given that Farrell was going to get the job since Thursday, when Peter Gammons reported that he was the Blue Jays' choice, but this is the first official confirmation.

Good luck to Farrell in his new postion. Or at least good enough luck to beat the Rays and Yankees with regularity.