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Fenway Park Is Changing

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So by now some of you have probably heard that Fenway's getting a shiny new scoreboard above the bleachers. And you probably figured there'd be the by-now-routine renovation of and addition of new seats (correct and correct). But how about something that's actually going to change how the park plays?

Well, that's what we're gonna get, as it looks like Fenway's large right field is going to get a little bit smaller as the Herald is reporting that the Red Sox are looking to widen the bullpens by nearly 10 feet, pending the approval of the Boston Landmarks Commission. That means more homers, particularly for the lefties.

So much for Fenway's reputation as a pitcher's park.

Presumably there's a few more seats on the way, lest the wider bullpen mess up the triangle in center, or make a new one in right. But either way, I'm not sure why the pens really need to be wider. Are we gonna see some triple-barreled action? Does the field at Fenway really need to be smaller? I don't know, but the Sox seem to think so.

(SBN Boston has more on the other renovations being done to Fenway)