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Red Sox, Jarrod Saltalamacchia Avoid Arbitration

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The Red Sox have started on the business of the offseason, signing Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a one year contract, avoiding arbitration.

According to Sean McAdam, the deal will pay Saltalamacchia $750,000 in the majors, or $250,000 in the minors. Not too bad for a backup catcher considering Jason Varitek came in at $3 million for 2010. 

Speaking of Varitek, there's not necessarily any reason to assume this means the end of the Captain in Boston. Clearly Salty was wary of being sent down to the minors again this year, whether for seasoning or possibly because there's no room for him. Since it's doubtful that the Sox will be comfortable with Saltalamacchia as the planned starter for 2011, there could still be room for Tek on the team--even if the team seems to be ready to go in a different direction.

Saltalamacchia managed only a .167/.333/.292 line in 24 major league at bats last year, but showed some of his old promise in Pawtucket at .278/.350/.500.