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Fixing the Red Sox Bullpen: Lefties

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Moving on from yesterday with the righties, this time we take a look at the lefties. With Oki likely on the way out, and Felix Doubront's situation entirely unclear, the Sox are going to need some southpaw help.

Joe Beimel - Beimel has been keeping his ERA down the last few years despite pretty much everything else getting worse. Don't pay for luck, even if he's managed to do it in Coor's.

Randy Choate - It wasn't the best year for Choate ERA-wise, but otherwise he's been his same-old consistent self. Choate could be a very decent third or fourth member of a pen overlooked by the masses, especially with his big ground ball rate in Fenway.

Scott Downs - Everyone's favorite trade deadline target, Downs comes onto the market after a lucky season, but he's still been very good for the last four years. Downs could easilly play the role of "the lefty" out of the pen, and let the Red Sox keep Doubront on the starting track. The only question is, will the soon-to-be-35-year-old cost as much in money and years as the Jays wanted in prospects? Again, he's just not worth a Papelbon-fortune. But he's worth opening the coffers for.

Pedro Feliciano - Another guy who might fly a bit under the radar, but this time one with the numbers to inspire confidence enough to take a look at him even if he doesn't. I was a big fan of Feliciano at the deadline, I still am now.

Will Ohman - Another guy with a small ERA and mid-sized peripherals. He'll probably cost more than he's worth, ultimately, but if nobody else bites, he's got a decent enough track record as a cheap pick-up.

Dennys Reyes - Reyes' greatest skill of late seems to be, uh, karma. Or universal self-correction. Or something. After years of underperforming his FIPs, now he's spent the last five years dramatically overperforming his FIP. I dunno, I don't really want to rely on that, do you guys?

Arthur Rhodes - See: Saito, Takashi

J.C. Romero - Romero is basically Reyes, except he didn't pay as many dues. He actually walked more batters than he struck out last year. Pass.