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A Minor Minor League Update: Sox Sign Matty Johnson, Instructional League Begins

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October is here, which means the beginning of that curious time of year for prospects filled with Fall and Winter leagues. Yay!

It all starts with the Instructional League, which is underway as we speak (and has been for a bit). It's a particularly interesting crop of players this year thanks to the huge draft the Red Sox had, with quite a few high picks getting some extended work in with the team for the first time.

Sox fans are lucky enough to have SoxProspects' Chris Mellen attending this year, so if you want to know what's going on, just keep an eye on his Twitter. Today's highlights include Kelly, Coyle, and many more.

In other news--again from SoxProspects, 'cause they're always on top of things--the Red Sox have signed independent league outfielder Matty Johnson. Johnson is a product of the Frontier League unlike Golden League alumni Robert Coello and Daniel Nava.

After going undrafted out of college earlier this year, Johnson recorded a .313/.429/.379 in 47 games with the Gateway Grizzlies, picking up 24 stolen bases in 30 attempts. At just 5'9", Johnson probably won't be adding much power anytime soon, but since he's just 22 he still has some time to prove that he can still reach base in the affiliated minor leagues.

Finally, to leave off on a good note:

Took real BP today! Hit a few really hard...great day

-Ryan Westmoreland