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Lights Out For Red Sox In Chicago

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In a game delayed by, of all things, power failure to the lights, the Red Sox dropped their third straight game to the White Sox, 8-2.

Jon Lester, making his final start of the season and trying for 20 wins, was unfortunately anything but lights out. Other than a strong second inning where he struck out the side around a walk, Lester was wild and hittable, allowing eight runs in just four innings. Especially problematic was Paul Konerko, who walked in the first, singled in the third, and then launched a two-out Grand Slam to give the White Sox a 6-2 lead.

John Danks, meanwhile, made pretty short work of the Red Sox, only running into a bit of wildness in the second inning, and yet another late-season Victor Martinez homer in the third. That's seven on the month for the soon-to-be free agent catcher.

The Red Sox bullpen pitched four solid innings, but the Sox couldn't manage more than a pair of hits off of the Chicago relievers, and the six-run deficit proved entirely insurmountable.

Now, with just three to go against the Yankees, the Sox will need a sweep just to get to the questionably-important 90 win Plateau.