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Red Sox Sign Adrian Beltre To One-Year Deal With Player Option

The Red Sox have reached a one-year deal with free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre, according to multiple sources.

The deal will pay Beltre a base salary of $9 million in 2010. It includes a $5 million player option for 2011 and a $1 million buyout, and is contingent upon Beltre passing a physical exam, the sources said.

It seems like a done deal. If the money is true, this is a great deal for the Red Sox as it was being reported Beltre and agent Scott Boras wanted something in the range of three years for $10 million per season.

This is obviously a sign that Beltre wants to prove he can hit -- at the least. He'll come to the Red Sox for a year and try to make his big pay day for after the 2010 season. If he struggles, he can take the easy cash and give another season to the Red Sox.

I really love this deal. It's short and cheap. I can't decide which I like better of those two. This keeps the Red Sox's options very open down the line, depending what opens up.

With Beltre slotted in at third base, it seems like the Sox will continue to try to trade Mike Lowell. Word is the Sox may be sending him to the Mets in return for Luis Castillo.