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Ryan Westmoreland, Casey Kelly, Jose Iglesias On Top 50 Prospects List released its top 50 prospects list today and the Red Sox have three prospects that make the cut.

Outfielder Ryan Westmoreland slotted in at No. 27, pitcher Casey Kelly was one place behind at 28 and Jose Iglesias makes the list at No. 45.

Reports were very high on both Westmoreland and Kelly. Iglesias had a nice long video recap on him, where the experts say pretty much what we've all said: his defense is amazing, but is his bat good enough to keep him in the bigs?

It's interesting to see Iggy crack the top 50, when our list has him at No. 7. I think that has a lot to do with his high ceiling, though. His potential is amazing, but maybe the OTM list is a bit more conservative and level headed.