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Paid Programming: Mike Lowell for Left Field

[Editor's Note: In the wake of the Citizens United case, in which the Supreme Court struck down restrictions on how much corporations can spend on political campaigns, there's a tsunami of political ads on the horizon. With this potential ad bonanza, OTM has to get in on the action. Therefore, expect more ads like the following piece in the future:]

This message brought to you by the Mike In Left Foundation.

Narrator: He's the fastest player on earth.



Narrator: But is Jacoby Ellsbury playing Fast and Loose with the Red Sox?



Narrator: Jacoby Ellsbury has been caught stealing 23 times in his career. But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to steal.



Narrator: In 2009, Jacoby Ellsbury stole 70 bases, making him the worst felon in baseball.



Narrator: And Jacoby Ellsbury joined the Red Sox the same year as noted laptop thief Clay Buchholz. They've even appeared in the same clubhouse.



Narrator: Mike Lowell has the character and experience to bring the change we need to Left Field. He won't steal like Jacoby. And he won't pal around with crime lords like Clay Buchholz.



Narrator: On April 4, vote Mike Lowell for Left Field, for the change we need.

[This message paid for by the Mike In Left Foundation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York Yankees. It does not reflect the opinion of any political party or player.]