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Over the Monster Top 20 Prospects Voting #8: New Kid on the Block Takes 7

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First off, new writeups this week! The prospects added were:

Tim Federowicz

Stephen Fife

Ryan Lavarnway

Che-Hsuan Lin

Will Middlebrooks

David Renfroe

Dustin Richardson

Mark Wagner

Alex Wilson

Madison Younginer

As for this week's pick, congratulations to Jose Iglesias, whose much-hailed defense almost ensures him some semblance of a major league future. The question about Iglesias has always been his bat, but a short stint in the Arizona Fall League (a fairly advanced league for a 19-year-old) has given some observers some hope. Iglesias may not have earned the "shortstop of the future" designation we've heard so much, but there's a reason he's getting all the hype.

Almost half way there, folks. And then we'll be half way to the regular season! Huzzah!