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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/9/09

Coincidence that 9/9/09 is Baseball Day?
Coincidence that 9/9/09 is Baseball Day?

Happy Baseball Day!!!


Less than 2 hours till Baseball Day - 9/9/9 - and the best debate ever by a whole fan base. Watch for and then all 30 club sites.

In other news:

Ortiz's homer ties Frank Thomas for most by DH - Yahoo! Sports

Coolie-O. Of course, The Big Hurt hit a ton as a first basemen, so Papi has a while to go to catch him for real.

After the jump, some more homer bits, and an awesome piece by BtB.


Last time 5 players hit 20+ HR’s in a season was back on 2003 (Bay,Youkilis,Ortiz,Martinez,Drew-2009)


Last time 6 home runs in a game was Sept. 15,2008 when they faced the Rays

Cool, right? I mean, for all the talk about the Sox not being a power team, those are very impressive feats. Of course, it's not going to win any of them the MVP, especially not when a certain player has it locked up, according to Tommy Rancel at Beyond the Boxscore.

The AL MVP is.... - Beyond the Box Score
Epic. I wonder how many would have taken it seriously if it didn't start with a sarcasm tag.