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Game Story: Buchho and Bowden Show, Homer Happy Sox Rock The Bird-O's

Orioles vs Red Sox coverage

Buchholz pitched 7 IP of 3 hit ball, allowing only one other runner to reach, just a week after the 2 year anniversary of his no-hitter against these very same O's. Michael Bowden relieved him and finished off the shut-out, a great team effort from two of the Sox' best pitching prospects.

Bowden came back strong from his previous appearance with the club, but he's still a ways away from regaining his status as one of the upper tier prospects of the Sox' farm.

The offense made sure that Buch wasn't under any pressure all night, delivering dingers at will from the likes of Youk, Papi, Gonzo, Drew, and Pedroia (TWICE!!!). The last few innings were filled with subsitutions, giving us glimpses at Reddick, Woodward, Gathright, Dusty Brown, Green, Brian Anderson, AND... JED!!! He didn't get any PAs or plays at SS though, so we'll have to wait till next time to get a look at his wrist.