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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/8/09

No holidays for me to mix up today - YAY! Oh, wait, back to school now... Darn. Anyways I found some other news that makes me extremely happy:


SS Jed Lowrie activated from DL, C Dusty Brown recalled from Pawtucket. #RedSox active roster at 34.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, I beat the reporters who get direct access to the locker room. Of course, I also said that he'd be on the playoff roster, which we won't know for a few more weeks - unless a certain pitcher can't go anymore.

Wakefield to be skipped - Boston Herald

Hey, umm, Jed, can you slip Wake some of those pills you take for nerve pain? Because I don't really want to have Byrd on the playoff roster - if Wake's the long reliever, he can still have an impact in low leverage innings by messing with the batters.

After the jump: another young prospect returns to help his team in its playoff run, and we just guaranteed ourselves another season of Commander Kick @$$.


Huge for Salem's playoff run: Federowicz behind the plate today for the first time in over a week. #RedSox

Josh Beckett's 2010 Option Vests -

Alrighty. Why do I have a nagging feeling that Theo is going to dangle Beck as a way to get Felix or Gonzalez?