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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/7/09

Hurray for holidays - only negative is that the Sox are going to have to wear those stupid caps again. Anyways, enjoy the day off, and watch the game on NESN or MLB Network at 2PM EDT. Thanks to everyone who makes everyday life possible with their work!

Now to the links:

Lowrie's season may end in Minors - News
Sure. There's no one on the current playoff roster that is going to be put on the DL for an "injury" after next week? I mean, do we really need every one of Byrd, Wake, Wagner, etc. in the playoffs?

Numbers could be better for Papi -
I really don't understand what this guy is trying to say here - Papi's been pretty good since June 1, when he got his eye drops. Sure, he had a slump, and isn't making a lot of contact this past week or so, but I think we've all seen plenty of evidence to at least assure us that Papi's not worse than last year. The worst that could be said of him is that he developed an eye issue pretty randomly, and is getting closer to the time of his career when he's going to decline much quicker.


After the jump, some quick notes about when we can expect to see two prospects with bright futures and a Free Agent that the Sox may want to take interest in.

Westmoreland's surgery a success - Projo Sox Blog
Yay - get well soon, Manifest Destiny.


Per Peter Gammons, 19-yo Cuban SS Jose Iglesias will debut in the Arizona Fall League. #RedSox

This is the all-glove, no-bat guy, right? He's going to have to be a pretty slick fielder or develop a passable bat if he wants to get anywhere.

Chone Figgins to the Yankees? - MLB Daily Dish
I kinda want him for 3B actually - perhaps that would entice him to take less money? That said, I wonder how much the price for Bay or Holliday drops if the MFY go after Figgins instead.