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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/6/09

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Mhm - the real Sox also get sponsored by Office Max, it appears.


Red Sox complete Wagner trade - Projo Sox Blog

I don't know anything about this kid - USG?

Thinking hard about Bard - The Boston Globe

Billy Wagner goes all story-time on us. And it cost us some random 1B in the Gulf Coast League! Wasteful.

One more rehab start in works for Dice-K -

Hopefully with better breaking stuff. Either Byrd gets dropped to the pen or perhaps Wake has to clock out early this year...

Wakefield pitching in pain - Boston Herald

Wake may be the most loyal player in the MLB today. The perpetual team option for cheap, willing to fill whatever role he's needed in, plays through pain, understands when the team doesn't want to risk a postseason on a knuckleball, etc.

Francona Facing Tough Decisions for Red Sox in September -

Inside access right here - just a reminder about the difficulties of managing in the playoff race.

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