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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/5/09

Not a lot of stuff today, and I probably won't be around for most of the day - assorted errands and then loads of homework (at least the blowout gives me motivation to rant for my essay rewrite). Just some quick news items and a reassurance:


Bowden (who was scheduled to pitch [today]) is coming up to back up Wake in the bullpen. #redsox

So... try not to suck this time, Bowden. If nothing else, show some glimmer of hope that doesn't make us want to ship you off this offseason for whatever we can get for you before your lucky stats this year decline.

Matsuzaka displeased with breaking ball command after rehab start - Fire Brand of the American League

Matsuzaka said Davis' home run came on a fastball and Casto's on a curveball.

"If there was one thing that I wasn't pleased with it was the command on my breaking balls," Matsuzaka said. "It wasn't as sharp tonight as I want it. My command on the fastball can be a little touch-and-go at times. But starting right from my warm-up in the bullpen, I felt that I was able to get after it right from the beginning of the game."

Well, maybe he'll be "effectively wild" if he can't command his array of pitches. Of course, we all saw how much great control can do for a pitcher struggling to get through the first few innings *cough*Byrdsucked*cough*.

Don't worry though - we're still one of the best teams in baseball, and one of the two teams that are better would seem to have little to no chance to overtake us after the series this past week:

BtB Power Rankings: Through Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009 - Beyond the Box Score

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