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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/4/09

We just doubled our wins in the Trop from the past ~1.75 seasons in a single series - and it feels GOOD!!! Also feeling good about these links:


Wake threw a 25 pitch side today. Decision on whether he starts on Saturday will likely come tomorrow. #redsox

Woot. Guess this means that either Byrd or, more likely, Taz, will be long relief for the weekend. Now for other good news:

2009 Carolina League Postseason All-Star Team

OF - Che-Hsuan Lin - Salem

One of the many very good center fielders we have coming up through the system. Of course, the coaches have to get credit too:

2009 South Atlantic League Postseason All-Star Team

...Bob Kipper of the Greenville Drive was chosen to be the Coach of the 2009 Annual All-Star team.

Cool beans.

After the jump, some more happy links and some frustrating links.

Probable Type A Free Agents -

It's like the latest catalog - anyone seem particularly less interesting now that we know what they'll cost in terms of draft picks?

The Discovery and Development of Josh Reddick - Full Count

Papelbon fined a seventh time for slow pace - Boston Herald

Don't you wish you had several thousand dollars to not give a rat's donkey about?

Francona explains the eighth - Full Count

"Gonzy had been on everything," said Francona regarding his shortstop, who had ripped a leadoff double in his previous at-bat. "If I said I didn’t think about it I would be lying, but I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. We had bases loaded and he throws a wild pitch… Gonzy’s been on everything, and with David out, Mikey would hit in that spot… it gives us a little bit better chance to stay out out of the double play."

Today's Bloody Sox were the result of me trying to stop the bleeding from a head wound caused by slamming my head into my desk in frustration with Tito.

TGIF - find some good links and post'em in the comments, or just chat about the day. ON TO CHICAGO!!!