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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/30 - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

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The three things I always want out of life, in no particular order. Let's see how we're shaping up:

Report: Beckett received three cortisone shots - Clubhouse Insider

Health Becoming a Question for Red Sox as October Looms -

DO does the mailbag gig, including some concerns about the well being of the team.

Ortiz the healthy one - Full Count

AKA the producing hitter who has returned to an expected level of performance.

Well, we are getting better in some cases, but others are beginning to fall victim to the injury bug. Hopefully we can rest up and will be prepared for the postseason. After the jump, checking on the fiscal stuff and the brains of the organization.

Future Sox honored - Extra Bases

Some really great players being exposed to the mainstream for the first time - hopefully some of these kids will be able to provide great production at below-market value in the near future, freeing up money for other investments.

YFSF: The Trades You Don't Make, Counterpoint

Varitek drops out of Type B status? - Full Count

Should make him less likely to take the player option, but he's still probably going to sign on for another season.

Byrd Feels He Can ‘Absolutely’ Contribute in Playoffs - Full Count

Bit late on this one, my bad. He might have to beat out Wake for it.

The 2009 Mariners: when Stats and Scouts converge - Inside the Book

Front offices combining the old and the new with pretty good results. Hopefully Theo&Co. are looking into improving the defense, if the plans aren't already made to do so.

Debunking the debunker - THT

WINZ = bad.

Predicting the Future of Some Unlucky Pitchers -

I don't like fantasy sports, but if it gets people to look at stats properly, I don't mind it.

For Better or For Worse: Terry Francona - Fire Brand of the American League

Wrapped in the title "player's manager" is both a complement and an insult. Personable and charismatic as to relate to players, these managers are too cowardly to make tough personnel decisions, too soft to win championships.

Yet, what is often overlooked, is that many of the greatest skippers in baseball history have managed in this style. Arguably the two best managers of the last decade have been of this "undesirable" type: Terry Francona, winner of two World Series titles since installed as Red Sox skipper in 2004, and the legendary Joe Torre, manager of the Mets, Braves, Cardinals, Yankees, and Dodgers during his storied career.

Which would you prefer the management hire to make the in-game decisions, the "player's manager" or the only-championships-matter manager? I think there's a happy medium, in which a manager can make decisions that helps both the player and the team.

All I got for today - your turn now, at Sandy's request: Playoff predictions.