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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/29/09 - Improving the Game and the Team

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Major League Baseball's Wild Card Is Hurting the Game -
Hmm... I will give up the Wild Card, but only if we get the best three teams by record into the playoffs, regardless of division. Until then, I'll take the crappy late-season series as long as we're rewarding the right teams with extra baseball.

Mike Lowell Receives Hip Injection -

Should be back soon - until then, either Kotchman or Varitek take his place in the lineup. I'd love to see Kotchman starting for that time so that our defense is solid, but Vic needs an offday somewhere in there.

Carter can still be traded - Clubhouse Insider

He was DFA'd so that we could bring up Richardson (who was decent in his debut). As long as the MFY don't take him, we should still be able to send the Mets the promised package.

After the jump: improving the defense for next season, possibly bringing in a new player or two, and how to best run the bases.

Stephen Drew to Boston? Yes, please - Fire Brand of the American League

Can we give Jed a decent shot first before we trade a promising pitching prospect or two first?

Defense Hits The Market - FanGraphs Baseball

This upcoming free agent class has generally been derided as one of the weaker groups in recent history. After seeing the likes of CC Sabathia and Derek Lowe hit the market last winter, this group lacks the same pizazz. However, there is one area where this group of free agents is particularly strong – defense. Those in the market for premium defensive players will have a lot of options this winter.

Could be the safety netting if we do make Jed the starter. There's also some good options for a 5th OF for next season.

Baserunner’s Optimal Path - Frank Morgan

In case anyone wants to keep this handy and compare the next inside-the-park homer attempt to this graph.

What else needs improving in baseball? On the Sox? Link us to anything unfamiliar.