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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/28 - Belated BDay Congrats to Pesky, Papi Wasn't Framed

Alright, let's get it out of the way:

The Yankees celebrate, and the Red Sox shrug - Extra Bases

The Yankees won. Good for them. Wait for the playoffs.

Pretty much this.

Happy Birthday Johnny Pesky! - Fenway West

Totally missed that one - my bad. Perhaps I shall create a calendar of Sox players' birthdays. I mean, who wouldn't want to wish Pokey Reese a happy birthday?

Red Sox coach John Farrell won't manage in 2010 - MLB Daily Dish

Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell is a hot commodity among teams looking for a manager. Will he finally land a job? Let's find out.

Good news, I guess. He gets to polish Lester, Buch and Dice-K next year, and perhaps take Varitek on as an apprentice. After that, we're going to struggle to find someone to replace him as we go into the crazy offseason that will be 2010-2011.

After the jump, a scouting report on Schwing-da-hammah, and a look at that "foul tip" that missed Papi's bat by several inches.

Scouting report on prospect Seth Schwindenhammer - Fire Brand of the American League

Really hope this kid makes it - SO many opportunities with his name.

David Ortiz’s phantom foul: Would’ve been strike, anyway - Boston Herald

Kinda sounds like the third base umpire is just backing up his peer, but you never know.

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