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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/27 - Vic Replaces Tek, Season Reviewing

We've got a pretty good idea of how the playoffs are going work, in terms of who's starting at catcher. Just in case you've been in a coma for the past few weeks (I don't know all of our readers, geez), here's a quick summary (or two):

Stick a fork in Jason Varitek - Fire Brand of the American League

Varitek vs. Victor: A Lopsided Tale of Numbers - Full Count

Other reviewing-type links include:

Record number of starts by rookie pitchers in '09 - Yahoo! Sports

Zack Greinke Ejection: Was the Strike Zone Different for Kansas City Compared to Boston? - Beyond the Box Score

Matsuzaka’s Feats of Strength, Cont. - Full Count

And, for the most important link I have ever had the chance to share with y'all:


Tazawa just walked aroud the clubhouse offering chocolates to the women in the room. Then moved on to his teammates. #redsox

Such a ladies' man.

Find links to entertain us, so that we don't end up like those fans in yesterday's Laundry who would rather watch football - Psshht. Or, if you'd rather, just comment.