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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/26 - Papi's Back, Buch and Dice Stepping Up

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Feats of Clay - Extra Bases

Hope we don't need him to replace Lester as the #2 (#1?), but here's some comfort.

The Real David Ortiz Is Back and Better Than Ever -

Well, I might agree to the former, but definitely not the latter. Better than saying he's finished though.

Martinez and Matsuzaka? - Extra Bases

It appears that Tito's trying to find any way he can to limit Tek's playing time. Hold your applause until we know if it works, please - Tito's not going to give this too many chances, I would wager.

AP-KN Poll: Cards-Yanks in World Series, fans say -
But more importantly...

An Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll released Friday found that two out of five baseball fans say they would rather watch a regular-season NFL game than a major league playoff matchup.

Hey, what's the latest revenue breakdown? Aren't the MFY still making up a huge part of the baseball fanbase, right? Just saying...

After the jump: why hasn't anyone started aggregating sports radio interviews before now? Also, we compare the past two season's blockbuster moves, and find random trivia on BBRef.

Sports Radio Web Site Making Waves - Sports Biz with Darren Rovell

Being a former sports radio host and program director, Shapiro noticed that many great radio interviews were being posted on local radio Web sites, but there wasn’t a Web site that aggregated all these interviews and brought them out of their local markets.

Deadline Darlings: Bay vs. Martinez - Fire Brand of the American League

Not sure which I'd say is better yet. I mean, Vic's basically taken over for a replacement level Tek, but Bay has provided above-average production when we could have ended up getting nothing out of Manny's debacle. Perhaps you guys should vote? (Now you may vote in the poll)

Surprising Trivia Courtesy of B-Ref - Beyond the Box Score
Four quick trivia questions, with some surprising answers. Might be the result of odd stats, or maybe we've been assuming a lot.

Vote, explain your choice, link to something we've missed or breaking news, or just comment on whatever comes up.