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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/24 - Land of the Rising Sox, Playing GM for the Day

Has this ever happened to you?

Boston Red Sox @ Kansas City Royals GameThread, Sep 23, 2009 8:10 PM EDT - Over the Monster

Taz is up.I thought he was shut down - Pesky Fan

Oki - USG

hmm - Pesky Fan

If so, you're going to get really confused pretty soon:

Sox set standard for Japanese players - News

One of the reasons why trading Dice-K would be a bad idea - we're starting emerge as the most prominent team for Japanese players. Always good when the Little League players are filling in Favorite Team with Boston Red Sox.

After the jump, we examine the way some people evaluate pitchers, trades, signings, injuries, and struggling players.

"Not Indicative" - The Joy of Sox

YAY!!!! Another Sox blog has picked up the anti-WINZ campaign. Hopefully, this will trickle down to the Mainstream Media - yes, trickle DOWN to them.

Red Sox wouldn’t trade results of Ramirez-Crisp deal - The Boston Globe

Not that they could, or that this is how trades should be evaluated - just a good reminder of what how the team has changed in the past several months.

Bay could be 2010's Teixeira - The Bottom Line

So... he's going to be a complete dbag about the whole thing? Not going to help the decision between Bay and Holliday (+Boras). Hopefully, we can get by without huge contracts.

Red Sox' performance bonuses are beginning to kick in -

Good to see Wake's being rewarded for his loyalty. No Schill-WS-like clauses anymore though.

Lowrie waits for left-handed test - Full Count

I <3 Jed. Hope he gets his shot before the playoffs - we really shouldn't be relying on Gonzo in the playoffs. Kind of sad how badly management dealt with his wrist injury though. Perhaps it was paranoia from the Nomar fiasco (which makes Jed seem like a big piece of the plan).

Change in Delcarmen fortunes would be relief for Red Sox - The Boston Globe

Yes, it would. He's got great stuff, but he just can't utilize it. If he can get his trade value back up to a respectable level, I wouldn't be surprised to see him shipped off for something decent.

How should teams go about certain operations? Any specific clauses that should be included in contracts more often? Any really weird clauses you've come across? Links and comments are welcomed, appreciated, and even begged for.