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Red Sox interested in Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman

No surprise here: the Sox should be in the bidding for fireballing pitcher Aroldis Chapman:

Expect the Red Sox to be among the many teams who will explore signing the 21-year-old left-hander, whose features include a 100-plus mph fastball, a 6-foot-4 frame and four years of professional experience pitching in Cuba.

Since the Cuban defected while in the Netherlands in July, teams have been waiting for the process to unfold where he would become an unrestricted free agent. A major development took place over the weekend when Chapman was able to establish residency in Andorra, a tiny country situated between France and Spain. Major League Baseball is currently evaluating the paperwork but is expected to grant him unrestricted free agency in the coming weeks.

102-MPH fastball? I'll take that. But here's the question: how much will Chapman go for? Dice-K-esque money? Do the Sox really have that kind of dough to dish around?

Sound off: how involved should the Sox be in trying to sign Chapman?