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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/23 - Clubhouse Chemistry and More Playoff Roster Prepping

Can We Measure Clubhouse Chemistry? - The Baseball Analysts

Not a huge difference maker, it would appear. Still a difficult topic to handle.

Another wild scenario -

Okay, how about we focus on getting the Wild Card first? THEN we can decide whether or not it's worth the effort to take down the MFY. Although, according to Ms. Benjamin, it would appear that the Sox aren't going to make a big push.

No shortage of Red Sox news at shortstop - The Boston Globe

A good summary of the continuingly revolving door. Hopefully, Jed will get some chances to prove himself this week, and will get his shot again this winter, with a healthy wrist.

Lowrie determined to get healthy - MLB

Jed Lowrie continues to do everything he can to get his surgically repaired left wrist healthy enough to at least become an option for the Sox come postseason.

What's next for Wake - Extra Bases

How much longer will the next wait be? It is clear Wakefield has not rejoined the starting rotation, but merely made a cameo in the group he anchored at one point early this season. The Sox will convene with Wakefield on Tuesday and try to determine a plan.

NOTE: NG - we need to figure out how this fits into the bet. I mean, does this count as finishing the season? He's making starts in the last few weeks, so I'm leaning towards "yes" - which would mean I win.

After the jump: MDC's trying, BtB begins to look into the near future, and we consider the moves to be made in future seasons.

Delcarmen trying to reclaim his touch - MLB

While the Sox, collectively, try to put the finishing touches on their sixth playoff appearance in the past seven years, Manny Delcarmen continues the individual pursuit of trying to regain his form.

MDC has great stuff - there has to be something he can do to reach his potential. That said, his drop in value is saddening. I've got something that might cheer some of you up though:

As If We Needed Further Proof That Jennifer Garner is One of the Greatest Women Alive - Surviving Grady

SO very close to getting the lineup right. Nice to see the celeb fans are keeping up with us common folk.

2009 American League Playoff Preview: Rotation - Beyond the Box Score

Dice-K kinda screws with the data, but here's a better-than-decent representation of what the rotations will look like. I wonder how different they will look in a couple of years...

2011 MLB Free Agents -

It's like a catalog - pick the players that would be good signings, if they were available right now.

Josh Reddick isn't ready for the majors yet . . . but he's not far away -

Might make that FA list less important - that's a good thing though.

Meanderings on amateur representation - THT

Because we need some good, thought provoking material once we've got the Wild Card locked up.

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