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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/22 - Plenty of Possibilities

Even if it is unlikely, there's still a chance that the Sox could come back and overtake the MFY for the division crown. It's not just us that thinks so either:

Ortiz on catching the Yankees: ‘Why not?’ - Full Count

Well, the players are believers.

Surging Red Sox entertain wild ideas - The Boston Globe

Same story, different points of view. Of course, even if we don't pull of the division title, we'll still be in the playoffs, most likely. That means that we need to figure out some roster issues...

What will Tito do with Varitek in the playoffs? - The Bottom Line

There's going to be many opinions on this one - fire away!

Sox send Green home for leg exam -

Jed takes a step up the ladder, I guess. Woodward's going to be around as long as we need him - that is, until October begins and he has to be with his pregnant wife. Here's hoping we don't keep him away from his family!

After the jump, we take a good, hard look at our GM, and some of the moves he's made recently. We'll also look into who's causing the drop in deep flies.

Book review: Theology - Fenway West

Might be an interesting read. Let's see how Theo's been doing of late:

Sox 2nd round pick Alex Wilson shines - Fire Brand of the American League

Cool. Of course, then there's that damn kid from last year's draft that can't make up his mind about what position to play...

Kelly will make a short stop in AFL - Extra Bases

Aside from the punny title - he's already at his inning limit, so he has to play his preferred position.

Another Reason Why The Red Sox Shouldn't Have Traded Kotsay - Fenway West

Another? This counts as the first, in my book. Kinda funny though.

Total MLB Home Runs This Century - Beyond the Box Score

Home Runs are down 20% in the last 10 years. What gives? Check out the charts at Beyond the Box Score.

Blame Barry - that's all I'm saying. Pretty creepy correlation - although, that doesn't always mean anything.

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