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Junichi Tazawa's season is over

Per Amy Nelson from ESPN, Junichi Tazawa has hit the 60-day disabled list, meaning his season is over:

Tazawa on the 60-day dl season over nick green still in Boston for tests, may be a disc problem in his back, and inf Chris woodard recalled

No word on what the deal with Tazawa actually is. He wasn't going to see time in the postseason, though. So it's just a few games that he'll miss on the bench in September.

As far as Nick Green goes, the shortstop depth now looks like this: Alex Gonzalez > Jed Lowrie > Chris Woodward. It'll be interesting to see if Green is OK in a couple of days. If he is, and the Sox make the postseason (don't count your chickens...), I wonder what that shortstop position will look like...