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Bloody Sox Laundry, 9/19 - Pitch F/X Questioned, Player Personalities Examined

You will all be rooting for the Gators today: Lane Kiffin is the Hank Steinbrenner of the SEC.

Okay, so we all love the Pitch F/X breakdowns, right? They're quick and easy to do, and yield TONS of information that even the uninitiated can comprehend. So why on EARTH would anyone have issues with it?

The impact of PITCHf/x, as seen by a non-saberist - Inside the Book

Also known as: research things better, please.

I understand that not everyone likes having everything recorded [I promise not to make this political], but really, how can you not like having ALL that information available to judge pitchers? AND, it's going to be expanded to track hit flightpaths soon, with full environment tracking not far behind. EVERYTHING is going to be able to be tracked and analyzed - the cream of the crop will be even... creamier.

Is Sportvision ruining baseball? - The Hardball Times

Discusses the same piece, but it's never a bad idea to get more opinions.

After the jump, we get acquainted with our players.

Red Sox still petitioning to start ‘10 on road - Full Count

I can't wait to see the first MFY spin on this, claiming we're scared. We really do need to start on the road though - Fenway needs a lot of time to recover from hockey season. Although, playing in Minnesota is going to be even worse - that place is going to BE frozen when the season starts.

Guide to 2009 Red Sox Facial Hair - The Bottom Line

Awesome. And, we don't have to pay for it, unlike Phillies fans. Would be a fun Flash game, if anyone knows how to program it: Match names to facial hair.

New Player Music as we head down the stretch! - Red Sox Insider Blog

Buch changed his (to me, Would? is SO much better than any O.A.R. song, but to each his own), and JD is still a professional. Funny to see that they can't identify any of Vic's music, and that a lot of the kids haven't decided. I wonder if they think it makes an impression on us.

What song would YOU choose? I'd have to go with "We Are the Boys from Old Florida," but, ya know, that's just me. Feel free to share links to other stuff (especially if you would choose a song that isn't well known), or just discuss whatever comes up.