The OTM users awards Edition (Kanye West was NOT invited)!

After a long, painful and exhausting process that required a lot of thinking, sweating and drinking, here comes THE list of the users awards!

First of all, let me say this:

There was NO BRIBING what so ever (some of you may think that considering that the writer of this list is from a third world country where bribing is a national sport!), I didn't received any call from OTM headquarters trying to pressure me to modify THE LIST, because this list is BY the OTM people and FOR the OTM people...

The authors of OTM were not included in the ballot because...well...they writers...and they may ban me if they're discontent with the outcome.

Drum rolls, The list that you've been waiting for:

  • The most skeptical poster: The nominees were: NG "it's all 2006 again", 75bandwagon "this team has no chemistry" and t.williams9 "Pedroia has a lousy swing and WE SHOULD FIRE MAGADON". As you can see the process of selection was VERY difficult...but the award goes to.....NG!
  • The most optimistic poster: The nominees were: Colonelsanders21 for his EPIC post keep the faith (received a whooping 5 comments), obrient15 for thinking that Byrd can go 6 innings giving 2 runs against the 3rd best offense in the AL, Rick D for being...well...utterly optimistic ( I recall a game versus the O's where Buchholz was struggling, bases juiced with one out, PD batting, EVREYBODY was looking for a sac fly and only Rick D was optimistic for a bases clearing triple...Pedroia GIDP, there were a lot of others manifestations of Rick optimism that I can't recall) The award goes to...Rick D.
  • The smartest poster: The nominees were: Buzzy, Drugs D ans BTLove (I enjoy reading those gentlemen, because I followed baseball for 10 years only, thinking that ERA, BA and RBIs are the only stats that counts and those guys give you a different perspective from what you get from the MSM) and the award goes to...Drugs ('cause we hear his opinion in the GTD, the others don't)
  • The funniest poster: The nominees were: nuthinboutnuthin, Pesky fan and Mister Snitch and the award goes to nuthinboutnuthin (That one was a landslide, just check one of his recent comments on How to be a HaloFan Vol.1)

Don't forget praising your team based on entirely non-baseball attributes of the geographical region.

"Rev, how do you think the Angels will do in 2010?"

"They’ll win 162 games, because it’s sunny and there are hot women!"

"But that’s in Los Angeles. They play in Anaheim – the armpit of Orange County."

"Fuck you! PANTHER!

  • The Crankiest Poster: The nominees were: Gizmosandy for relentlesly calling the canadians "commies" (which is outrageous...but the guy is cranky!) and NG (for being NG) and the award goes to: Sandy!

And last but not least, a special award that I like to call : The least unlikable MFY Yankee poster: the nominees were FreeBradshaw (who is banned from this site) and CasanovaWong...The award goes to...Casanovawong (Remember that this award doesn't gives you immunity!)