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Bloody Sox Laundry 9/17 - Breaking (Come)Backs

ESPN sure knows how to pick'em - that was an exhausting game to watch last night. Not a great outing from Bard though. Good thing we have a healthy closer already, so that he's not under pressure, right?

Papelbon tweaks back - Boston Herald

Great - might have helped last night. He'll be back today, most likely. Guess who else is back?

Ortiz Blogs Again!! - Fenway West

Still not anything amazing, but it's interesting to see what the general attitude of the players is. Not something that can be seen through stats - yet. Perhaps we need some more collaboration to work on that stat?

SABR going online? - Inside the Book

Yes, please.

After the jump, BtB introduces a new player evaluation tool, a prospect gets the limelight, and a standings explanation.

Introducing DiamondView Composite Player Evaluation - Beyond the Box Score
Finally, a single-glance graph that tells you everything you need to know about your favorite baseball players.

Still needs some work, but this looks VERY promising. Check it out and suggest how it could be improved.

Q+A with prospect catcher Ryan Lavarnway - Fire Brand of the American League

We really need to find a way to get in contact with a few prospects.

Lucky 13 - Extra Bases
Why is it that I have a feeling we know "Mike"? Perhaps the "Bottom Line" ending to his email? Good work though.

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