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Game 144: Alex Gonzalez, Sox Come Back to Walk Off Over Angels

I don't know what just happened, but it was awesome.

After a back and forth game that saw the Sox down one heading into the bottom of the 9th, it didn't look good for the Sox. Then came two straight outs against Angels' closer Brian Fuentes. It didn't look good.

But then it turned.

David Ortiz walked and Joey Gathright came in to pinch run. Then J.D. Drew came to the plate and hit an infield single. Jed Lowrie followed, lacing a grounder to Chone Figgins, who stopped it and couldn't make a play.

Bases loaded.

Nick Green up and he was looking fastball. Two straight that he swings and whiffs on. But that's OK, because he worked the count full and then, with a questionable pitch, walks to bring home Gathright. That left it up to Alex Gonzalez, the No. 9 man, to finish the job.

Winner, winner. Gonzalez hit a soft blooper to left field that scored Drew and gave the Sox a walk-off 9-8 win.

You couldn't draw up a better way to end this game. After the game going back and forth, it really didn't look like the Sox had a chance. After Bard gave up the run, the Sox had a chance, but the two straight outs took a lot of steam out of the team. But not enough.

I know one thing is for sure: the Boston Red Sox magic is back. This is a game the 2004 team would have won. This is a game the 2007 team would have won, too. Two months ago, though, this is not a game the 2009 team would have won. But the Sox finally have the perfect formula for a winning team and we saw that team tonight. And damn, is this team good.

October, here we come. I hope you're ready for us.