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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/16/09

So, I'm feeling pretty good about the Sox now. All that patience has paid off, and we now have a very good option for our #4 pitcher (see Pitch F/X post for more). Not feeling too great about the farm right now though:


Fife throwing error leads to 3 unearned as Salem drops Game 2, 5-4. Dent and (the resurgent) Chiang both went deep. #RedSox


Greenville shut out by Lakewood, 3-0, in their Game 2. Not looking good for the affiliates. #RedSox

Can I get a "Turn Turn Turn" for the kids, Sandy? Hopefully some of the ghosts of Fenway can make the trip to help'em turn it around.

After the jump, we get hypothetical with Youk, fanatical with the nerds at BtB, and... dressy with Sandy?

Red Sox Journal: Youkilis sidelined by lower back spasms -

"He had a tough day off yesterday," Francona said. "He actually was over at MGH a little bit ago. They thought maybe he had a kidney stone. It turns out he has some lower back spasms –– which I don’t think feels any better, but that’ll go away. So obviously he’s not playing tonight."

Are we supposed to roar "Youk" if he passes a stone? Also, Tito, I'm pretty sure stones are supposed to go away too. Perhaps he needs to see his doctor about that...

MLB 2009 Attendance Comparison II - American League - Graph of the Day - Beyond the Box Score

A graphical look at Attendance vs. Wins. Which team supports their fans with wins? Which fans support their teams despite losing? Does KC support its team despite a horrendous record?

Not crazy stat-heavy, but it's cool to see the pretty new graphs being pumped out now that BtB has partnered with Gritty & Clutch.

And, as promised in the original thread, here's Sandy's vow:

Los Angeles Angels @ Boston Red Sox GameThread, Sep 15, 2009 7:10 PM EDT - Over the Monster

if john lackey gets 80 million dollars this winter I will wear a dress all summer next season

and instruct my kids if i die during the summer to bury me in the dress

Victimized. But still here.

by gizmosandy on Sep 15, 2009 7:43 PM EDT reply actions 0 recs

And... bookmark'd. This will be remembered, Sandy.