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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/13/09

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Gonzo - you are NOT a good baseball player. STOP GIVING PEOPLE FALSE HOPE!!!

Rain helps again - if anyone needs entertainment for today, check the GT from yesterday. In other news:

Gonzalez Is Perfect Fit at Shortstop But For How Long? -
No, I did not write an op-ed piece for NESN - but this is almost exactly what I would write, considering the audience. But, the audience can't always determine what you write...

’Tek no longer No. 1 and only -
Oh, SO VERY close to making a strong argument. Just need some better stats.

For those of you that want Shift8's on everything nowadays:

Ranger's Money Woes May Aid Red Sox - Fenway West

Comment, share, discuss. Lots of baseball today, so stretch out those commenting fingers.