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It's official: Beer is really freaking expensive at Fenway Park

We all know beer is expensive at Fenway Park. Now there's data showing that based off a team's winning percentage, the Red Sox have the worst bang for your buck:

So which ballclub offers the best value based on its team's winning percentage? At Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, you'll pay a modest $6.75 for a 21-ounce beer while watching one of the best teams in the National League. And for all their losing seasons, at least the Pirates allow their fans to drown their sorrows at a decent price. Even after factoring in their dismal record this season, that 21-ounce beer they sell at PNC Park is still 32% less expensive than it should be by this measure.

On the other end of the spectrum there's Nationals Park where, in exchange for watching baseball's worst team, fans get to spend $7.50 for a 20-ounce beer. Of course, nothing compares to Boston's Fenway Park. There, you'll pay $7.25 for just 12 ounces—a rate that is, ounce for ounce and win for win, the worst beer value in baseball.

Hey, at least it's good beer -- most of it.