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Bloody Sox Laundry - 9/1/09

It's September already?!?!?! Wow, only a month left until the playoffs... all of today's links are about the next few months or future playoff runs.

Wagner's focus is on a championship -

Congrats man - now can you get past the whole "low leverage" thing too? Okay? Okay - we're going to need several innings out of you.

J.D. Drew's Perfect Temperament - The Joy of Sox

It's not "lack of heart" people. And here's to hoping it helps him come up big again this playoff run and into October.

The rest of the links after the jump are more about this time in future seasons - will the star battery be different soon?

The Trades You Don't Make* - YFSF
Woot - in the month since the non-trade for Doc Halladay, Buch's been the better pitcher. Of course, we know Doc's better right now, but it's encouraging that Buch can outperform Doc at this point in his career, even if Doc's having a tough streak.


Per @EvanLepler, Josh Papelbon promoted to Portland. #RedSox

I don't know if he's like pre-mechanics-change Paps or post-mechanics-change-let's-create-drama Paps, but hopefully the ice-water veins are a family trait.

[Will the Twins be able to afford Mauer?] -

Not a lot of info, but this is a good sign for those of us who believe we should not match the MFY in a bidding war. Once we make it to the postseason, he wouldn't guarantee us or them a World Series ring. Plus, there's a good chance he's not a catcher by the end of whatever massive contract he signs, and we'll likely have a pretty damn good 1B and DH by then anyways.

Anyways, drop links in the comments, or post another caption - remember, rec the ones you like. Perhaps if this starts getting a good draw, I'll send a screenshot of pics for the winner to choose from for the next day's laundry.