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David Ortiz: Didn't use steroids, but was "careless"

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David Ortiz's press conference was held earlier and, to no surprise, he said he never used steroids:

... David Ortiz stated definitively that he "never used steroids" or bought them, but acknowledged that he was "careless" when he was "buying supplements and vitamins over the counter," and that he may be guilty of taking supplements that he didn't know contained banned substances.

"I definitely was a little bit careless back in those days when I was buying supplements and vitamins over the counter -- legal supplements, legal vitamins over the counter -- but I never buy steroids or used steroids," said Ortiz, who revealed he had been tested 15 times and two more times in the World Baseball Classic since 2003 with no positive result.

OK, we all knew he was going to deny using steroids. That isn't the shocker. But saying he was "careless" does not help his case. Because now, if it comes out that he definitely used steroids, he could say: "Oh, well. Looks like something I was careless about happened to be a steroid. Pardon me?"

I love David Ortiz, but I just don't get the sense that he's being 100 percent truthful. Am I the only one that thinks that? Am I also the only one that would rather just hear the flat-out truth, no matter what that may be?

Papi may be telling the complete truth. If so, great. But if it comes out that he did more than he admits, he's another superstar that has his name dragged through the mud on his own accord.

After last night's game that finished in the wee hours of this morning and Ortiz's wishy-washy statement, this is an ugly day in Boston Red Sox history. Aug. 8, 2009 could go down as the day the Red Sox's season ended.