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Bloody Sox Laundry - 8/31/09

Not much today...

Wakefield: 'I got out of bed, I couldn't even stand up straight' - Extra Bases
Might be back next week, if the shot works.

This is just horrible for a guy that's been incredibly loyal to the team and really shouldn't be having medical problems with how soft he throws. If he has to retire because of this, at least he goes out on a great half of a season.

Reddick reflects on time in bigs amid AAA struggles - Fire Brand of the American League

"The biggest thing I learned up there was, as a new guy, to keep my mouth shut and sit back and learn about how those guys carry themselves in the locker room and in the game," he said. "I want to build on that.

Off day today too...find something to talk about I guess. Check out USG's Dice-K post and his comment in reply to NG in yesterday's Laundry - that might be what needs to be put on Wake's symbolic plaque in the unofficial Red Sox Hall of Fame.

Also, for the sake of trying something new: CAPTION CONTEST!!! Add your own caption to the photo above, and rec other good ones.