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Sox offered Buchholz, Bard and Bowden for Felix Hernandez

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Oh boy, this would have been a huge trade:

The Seattle Times reports that, according to sources, the Red Sox offered a list of eight players, from which the Mariners could choose any five in exchange for Felix Hernandez. The list reportedly included:

Clay Buchholz
Daniel Bard
Michael Bowden
Justin Masterson
Nick Hagadone
Josh Reddick
Yamaico Navarro
Felix Doubront

The Mariners, however, didn't feel that deal was adequate enough to trade their 23-year-old star. Then the Sox tried to negotiate a three-way deal with the Mariners and Padres that would have sent Adrian Gonzalez to Seattle, Brandon Morrow to San Diego and Hernandez to Boston, with prospects flying every which way. The Mariners also turned down that deal, according to the report.

Whoa. The Mariners could have chosen five of those prospects? Personally, I would have gone with Buchholz, Bard, Bowden, Hagadone and Reddick. That would have been a ridiculous haul for Seattle. While King Felix is an amazing pitcher (and just 23), it must have been really hard to turn that down.

Interesting, though, that a few players were untouchable: Lars Anderson, Casey Kelly and Ryan Westmoreland, to name a few that are certainly better than the Yamaico Navarros and Felix Doubronts of that group. I guess the Red Sox aren't swayed by Lars' tough season.